Football Development Schools What We Do

The WBA.F.C Shadow Squads programme requires players to be fully committed to the Shadow Squad. The programme is very intense and requires players to give their full energy and commitment to it. The following aspects are integral to be the WBA.F.C Shadow Squads

UEFA Licenced Coaches
Weekly training
Professional Match Programme
European Tournaments
Practice and Homework
Professional Standards on and off the Pitch
Vision – Developing Professional Players

Mission Statement – The FDS-West Brom Shadow Squads aim to develop young professional footballers through high professional standards on and off the pitch, encouraging players to take responsibility for their own football career and by focusing on technical excellence.

Motto ‘Develop the person, build a player’

Develop the person – encouraging our players to take responsibility, to become independent, to conduct themselves professionally, to act as mature young men. This develops the personality of a professional player

Build a player –the area of the game that has the biggest possibilities for improvement is technique, we have a style of play to encourage this, expertise of the staff to help achieve this

Style of play

Performance is more important than the result – the big picture and a long term approach is more important

Encourage our players to express themselves – We ask our teams to play from the back, and through the thirds of the pitch with the aim of developing attacking play and creating chances, this makes our play deliberate and not by chance and the mistakes of others.