FDS Testimonials

‘I just wanted to let you know Owen had a brilliant time and it seems like it was a wonderfully planned weekend! He mentioned you might be running another one in October so please keep me posted, hopefully Rhys can make that one too!’ Julie Howard, mother in reference to the Grendon Hall World Cup residential 2014

‘First of all I would like to thank you and the whole coaching staff for a great camp. Our players really enjoyed their time working with you guys.
It was really nice to meet you and discuss football and other stuff as well. I hope we can stay in touch on some level. Thanks one more time on behalf of RoPS and I hope our paths will cross some day again. Take care and enjoy your time in Finland!
Best regards,
Matti Kilpelä / RoPS’ Ex-professional in Finland and Sweden Matti Kilpela, current RoPS development coach

I attended FDS Easter 2013 Training Camp in Market Harborough. I had really great time playing and training with WBA juniors. I felt like I could get used to going to the training centre every morning, training all day and then back in the evening.I loved everything. Coaches, players, family were all nice and food was good, too. I loved playing so much and players and teams are better than in Finland. We also went to see WBA- Arsenal match which was awesome! The only thing I didn’t like was that I got sick the last night.

I really hope that I get a chance to play and train with FDS/WBA again!  Thank you for everything, Kalle Moberg, 2000 born FDS-Suomi Player

‘I just wanted to say thank you for selecting and taking Jiah to Germany recently for his 1st tour.  From the stories he has told me, he’s had a great time, and I’ve already noticed he has added some bits to his game straight away.  Since he has joined FDS he has taken lots on board and I believe improved his game considerably, he likes the environment and the coaches and its a great experience.  I Just wanted you to know that your efforts are very much appreciated.’ Santi Madrano, Father of Development Centre / Shadow Squad player

‘I would just like to let you know that I think the coaching you and your team give is excellent, I am not sure how much feedback you get or want from parents but the development I have seen in Luca since he stared training with you is considerable. I was unsure of your methods to begin with as it seemed to go against the type of traditional coaching I had seen and been involved in,  but the idea of working constantly with a ball at your feet has opened my eyes and is the correct and possibly the only way children’s football should be coached from an early age. The challenge is getting all coaches involved with children’s football to believe in this method, my worry is that too many are still obsessed with results rather than development of players which I think will always be a struggle.’  Andy Miller, Parent of a Development Centre / Shadow Squad player

‘Hello from Lapland!
Thank you for visiting Rovaniemi. We, both boys and parents, were very impressed by the days you were here. You gave us new perspectives for training and a whole new mindset to football. You are true professionals in football and it can be seeing in everything that you do when coaching boys.’ Marco Autti, Father of a player on the RoPS Football School (Finland)

“FDS have been supplying P.E sessions in our school for nearly 10 years. The coaches are friendly, professional and provide a reliable, high quality service.
The lessons are well differentiated and meet the needs of all the children. Keeping them fully engaged and highly motivated. The expertise that the FDS coaches bring to the lessons, ensures that our children receive the best opportunity for improving their skills in a wide range of games and sports.”
Debbie Sedgwick, Headteacher, Leighfield Primary School, Uppingham

“FDS provide a professional coaching service for our after school club.
They are supportive of the children and their families and the ethos of our school.”
Mrs S. Webb, Headteacher, Our Lady’s Catholic Junior School,

“FDS have provided us with high quality PPA time and after school clubs for over 13 years. The children are introduced to a range of skills they need to enable them to participate in a variety of sports. The children’s skills are extended and accelerated through teaching of a high standard.
Mrs. Amanda Rogers, Headteacher, Ketton Church of England Primary School, Stamford

‘Football Development Schools plays a significant role in the recruitment of players in the East Midlands where their coaching centres operate for West Bromwich Albion FC Academy. I have worked very closely with the staff at FDS for over 6 years now and the quality of their teaching, their players and their coaches is as good as many academies and certainly better than many Centre’s of Excellence.

The ethos of their organisation is exactly in tune with ours and the focus on managing the ball from defence into midfield and through to the attacking areas means that FDS players are tactically, technically and mentally prepared for academy football. I am very proud of the close working relationship that FDS and WBA have and it has proven to be successful with young players signed on schoolboy forms for our academy.

The Football Development Schools programme provides a stepping stone from junior football to academy football and gives a holistic education to players and most importantly is an enjoyable experience that stimulates player’s potential. I am confident that in the future months and years FDS will continue to play a pivotal role for West Bromwich Albion FC in the identification and recruitment of young players in the areas they work.’

Stephen Hopcroft – Head of Academy Recruitment, West Bromwich Albion FC