NORRVALLA EXTRA COACHING CAMPS – November 20th/21st, January 22nd/23rd & March 26th/27th

We are pleased to announce our dates for the extra coaching camps this season in Norrvalla (Folkhalsan).  Last year the sessions worked really well and the improvement of the players was excellent.  The Norrvalla sessions are so valuable to the players that we have 3 dates for this English season (2019/20). These sessions are for talented, serious players in the Vaasa area.   These are professional sessions aimed to help these talented players develop and improve and also understand working in English coaching sessions, helping them with the English language as well as football.  The focus of the sessions is individual development.

The training sessions include

  • 3 Groups:  /05/06, 07/08 & , 09/10
  • ALL PLAYERS will receive 4 hours coaching (2 x 2 hours)
  • Players will receive feedback and targets to work on while they are at home in Finland
  • Sessions take place at Folkhalsan School, Vora outdoor & indoor artificial ground

To inquire about these sessions please e-mail  You can see what type of work we do in these sessions by visiting our Facebook page