English Football Schools

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A History of our English Football Schools in Finland

The links between FDS-West Brom and Finland began with the Kokkola Cup in 2008.  That was our first tournament in Finland and a great experience and made us want to come back again.

In 2010 we started to do English Football Schools across Finland giving an English football experience to the children attending from Professional English coaches.  On the schools we look for talented Finnish boys to represent our teams in European Tournaments.  The schools have been a big success in Seinajoki, Turku and Kokkola.

2014 has been a big success with schools in Rovaniemi (RoPS), Ylivieska (YPa) and the Kokkola Cup.  We are looking forward to working with these clubs and more in the future.

If your club is interested in hosting an English Football School please contact finland@developmentschools.co.uk for more details.