The Wellingborough Development Centre was first established in 2002.  It caters for players aged 5 to13 and the sessions take place at Wellingborough School.  The sessions are on grass during the better weather and lighter evenings and on the astro turf for the remainder of the season.  This provides an excellent balance for the players as the different surfaces provide different challenges and require different types of skills.  The facilities at Wellingborough School are first class and provide all the needs for us to develop young footballers.

Below is a Hall of Fame of players signing contracts with Professional League Clubs from the Wellingborough and Bedford area.

Jean Phillipe YamFam –Luton Town (Apprentice)
Sean Buxton – Northampton Town
Anthony O’Connor – Northampton Town
Michael Vennezzia – Northampton Town
Josh Thomson – West Bromwich Albion (Trial), MK Dons
Matthew Whatton – Northampton Town
Sean Lydall – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
James Harvey – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
Luke Skirrow– Northampton Town
George Faulkner – Northampton Town
Anthony Willey – Northampton Town, MK Dons
Kaine Sheppard– Northampton Town, Histon, Leyton Orient (apprentice)
Matthew Forster – Northampton Town
Thomas Forster – Northampton Town
Jordan Doyle – Northampton Town
Tavon Carter – Northampton Town
Louis Porcelli – Northampton Town
Connor Shrimpton – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
Harry Gray – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
William Kitching – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
Luke Hancock – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
Casey John-Lewis – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
Edward Jackson – Northampton Town, West Bromwich Albion
Callum Gregory – Arsenal (3 month trial)
Josh Johnson – Leicester City
Jamie Matropiero – Walsall
Jack Culwick – West Bromwich Albion (Trial), Leicester City
Freddie King – Northampton Town
Rio Parmer – West Bromwich Albion

Wrenn School – Wednesday 5:45 – 7:00 (Outdoor on Astro Surface)