Uppingham Development Centre

The Uppingham Development Centre was established in 2008.  It caters for players aged 5 -12 and takes place on the 3G astro-turf at Uppingham Community College.  At times we also use the sports hall.  The facilities at UCC are excellent and provide all the needs for us to develop young footballers.

The coaching staff at this centre are led by Kristian Heames, FDS-West Brom partner (for further information please see Staff section of the website).

Uppingham Community College, LE15 9TJ – Wednesday

Arrive and meet in the changing rooms at:

5:45pm – 7:00pm for all ages

Below is a Hall of Fame of players signing contracts with Professional Clubs from the Uppingham Development Centre.

  • Lewis Darlington – West Bromwich Albion (Trial), Nottingham Forest
  • Josh Gooding – West Bromwich Albion (Trial), Cambridge United
  • Mason Vince – Southampton
  • Elliot Prior – Northampton Town
  • Danny McKay – Northampton Town
  • Alex Mackie – Northampton Town
  • Caspar Irso-Coombes – Northampton Town, Histon (Apprentice)
  • James Dalby  – Northampton Town
  • Kieran Mackie – Northampton Town
  • Stefan Taylor – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
  • Josiah Raikoso – Nottingham Forest