The Stamford Development Centre was established in 2001.  It caters for players aged 5 to 12 and takes place at Casterton Business and Enterprise College. The sessions are on grass during the better weather and lighter evenings and in the sports hall during the remainder of the season.  This provides an excellent balance for the players and enables the coaching to include futsal in the indoor sessions.  Futsal is a great way to develop the technical skills of the players attending.

Below is a Hall of Fame of players signing contracts with Professional League Clubs from the Stamford and Peterborough area.

James Flanz – Northampton Town
Hamish Meichan – Northampton Town
Jonjo Murphy – Peterborough United
Dan Bannister – Northampton Town
Max Avory – Northampton Town
Chris Winstanley – Northampton Town
Sean Kelly – Northampton Town
Scott Toomey – Northampton Town
Jacob Joyce – Cambridge United, Leicester City Peterborough United (apprentice)
Tom Slinger – Northampton Town
Kasim Abou Saim – Northampton Town, Leicester City
Kieran Staunton – Northampton Town
Ryan Johnson – Northampton Town
Anthony Martin – Northampton Town
Ben Philby – Lincoln City
James Ward – Peterborough United
George Berkes – Peterborough United
Jack Barron – Peterborough United
Luke Watson – Peterborough United
Zac Warrener – Peterborough United
Dan Carr – Peterborough United
Joe Carr – Peterborough United
Naseem Benjaama – Northampton Town
Freddie Clayton – Northampton Town
Nathan Hill – Peterborough United
Kieran Evans – Peterborough United
Tom Waumsley – Nottingham Forest
Luke Chapman – Northampton Town
Fraser Sturgess  – Northampton Town
Jack Truscott – Peterborough United

STAMFORD BORDERVILLE SPORTS CENTRE – PE9 1US – Thursday 5:45 – 7:00 (Grass/indoor Sports Hall)