Rugby Development Centre

The Rugby Development Centre was first established in 2004. It caters for players aged 5 to13 and the sessions take place at Rugby School. The sessions are on grass during the better weather and lighter evenings and on the astro turf for the remainder of the season. This provides an excellent balance for the players as the different surfaces provide different challenges and require different types of skills.
The facilities at Rugby School are first class and provide all the needs for us to develop young footballers.

The coaching staff at this centre are led by Scott Baines, FDS-West Brom partner (for further information please see Staff section on the website).

Rugby College, CV21 1AR – Tuesday

Arrive and meet in the changing rooms at:

5:15pm – 6:45pm for U6, 7, 8 and 9s

6:45pm – 8pm for U10, 11, 12, 13 and 14s

Below is a Hall of Fame of players signing contracts with Professional League Clubs from the Rugby and Daventry area.

  • Max Proudlock – Northampton Town
  • Tyler Reeve – Northampton Town (Apprentice)
  • Robert Scott – Northampton Town
  • Macauley Copping – Northampton Town
  • Jacob – Northampton Town
  • Cameron Harrison – Northampton Town
  • Richard Parker – Northampton Town
  • Callum Powell – Northampton Town (Apprentice)
  • Adam Gungor – Coventry City
  • Jack McDowell – Aston Villa
  • Sterling Buckingham – Coventry City
  • Connor Woulahan – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
  • Jack Blackham – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
  • Blaine Angel – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
  • Justin Hanks – Nottingham Forest
  • Kallum Duffy – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
  • Max Nessling – Derby County
  • Justin Hanks – Nottingham Forest