The Kettering Development Centre was established in 2002.  It caters for players aged 5 to 11 and takes place at the Buccleuch Academy.  The sessions are in the sports hall and outdoors on the state of the art 4G astro.  It is an excellent venue, providing everything needed for developing players.

The coaching staff at this centre are led by Howard Willmott, FDS-West Brom partner (for further information please see Staff section of the website)

Below is a Hall of Fame of players signing contracts with Professional League Clubs from the Kettering Development Centre.

Dean Henderson – Aston Villa
Tyler Herbert – MK Dons
Callum Traynor – Northampton Town
James Mann– Peterborough United
Marvin Hill – Northampton Town
Jack Weight – Northampton Town
Connor Johnson – Northampton Town
Connor Towell – West Bromwich Albion (Trial), Walsall
Ben Tuthill – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
Joe Moriarty – Northampton Town
Jamie Forbes – Northampton Town
Aidan Bradshaw – Northampton Town
Aaron Mackay – Northampton Town
Jordan Chambers – Northampton Town (Apprentice)
Aidan Peden – Northampton Town

Joe Bowskill – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
Brandon Moore – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
Jamie Gambrell – West Bromwich Albion (Trial)
Joe Massaro – West Bromwich Albion (Trial), Nottingham Forest

Kettering Buccleuch Academy, NN16 9PH – Tuesday 5:45pm – 7pm  (outdoors on 3g)