Football Development Schools Development Centre

The aim of the FDS-West Bromwich Albion Development Centre programme is to develop talented young players towards the professional game.  All players at the Development Centre are by invitation only.  Players at the Development Centre can STILL play for their local team.  The development centre is in addition to this to improve their individual skills.  To do this our philosophy is based on ‘Master the Ball, Master the Game’.   The specialist coaching sessions are based around professional standards off the pitch and developing technically with the ball on the pitch.  We find this is the best way to improve players in development centre and provide a solid foundation for the long term.  The ‘Master the ball, master the game’ programme focuses on the following:

  • Skills
  • Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ)
  • Left Foot
  • Right Foot
  • Tap ups
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Dynamics
  • Small sided games (2v2 – 5v5)
  • Player responsibility
  • Professionalism

Each half term we organise a fixture against a Professional Club or specific training day for our Development Centre and Shadow Squad players. This is so we can see our players in a match environment and work with them more closely. Also it is a great way of our players showing of their ability to pro clubs with every time they play is an opportunity to be recruited into a Academy.

*Please note that there is a small, additional charge for these tournaments to cover staff and venue costs. Players will be invited to these based on their development & attitude during training.


FDS Academy