Professional Fitness Testing

Physical fitness and athleticism are becoming more and more important in the game. Clubs are being forced assess this carefully due to declining physical activity in young people and in schools.  Just to stand a chance of progressing in the game players need to be able to demonstrate speed, power and stamina.  Our testing is done to provide a physical breakdown of young players in measurements which are used in clubs.  The tests we use are

  • Standing Jump with Arms
  • Standing Jump without arms
  • 10m Sprint
  • 20m Sprint
  • 30 m Sprint
  • T-test agility run
  • Bleep Test

The results will be compared with Elite young players and we will feedback as to which areas need addressing.  In exceptional examples results that are impressive to stand up to these levels will allow us to alert clubs to this potential.

If players wish to receive individual specialist work on these weaknesses, this can be done 1 to 1 or in small groups.